About Us

Washington Independent Inns Network (WIIN) is a professional association of independently owned and operated Inns, Bed & Breakfasts and Boutique Hotels.  Our membership criteria are clearly defined and published. Each member facility is inspected when joining the Network.. Our Quality inspector carefully and thoroughly assesses each property’s compliance with all criteria for membership each time the property when they apply for membership. WIIN reserves the right to change membership criteria, but will publish the revised criteria when and if that occurs. 

We  have the right to re-inspect properties if changes occur to the maintenance or upkeep or if we receive complaints on a member property.  Therefore, WIIN’s approval of a property for membership is not a warranty that they are fully compliant at a later date.

Part of WIIN’s inspection verifies that all required safety equipment is in place, is correctly functioning and that all applicable licenses are maintained. Read the current membership criteria available lower on this page. Our inspection is not a warranty that no safety hazard exists at a property. 

Lastly, WIIN’s inspection is an assessment of the procedures and facilities of each property. It is not a stylistic or aesthetic critique.  Each of our member inns has a unique character as does each innkeeper. That is a big part of the attraction that B&B’s and inns provide. We provide you with a description of each inn so that you can assess whether it would be attractive to you. We feel that you will enjoy your experience at any of our member inns, but your experience may vary.


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