Ocean Park

Ocean Park offers a quieter stay on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Ocean Park was created as a Methodist camp and set apart from the more rowdy towns along the peninsula. Today it is home to a small community of art shops, lodging and restaurants. 

To Do in Ocean Park

Visit Jack’s Country Store. Built in 1885, this is the oldest continually running retail business in the state of Washington. Here they have over 200,000 items, so you should be able to find whatever you need!

There are two state parks in the area. Loomis State Park has a great trail to the beach. Pacific Pines State Park is set among the dunes and pines on this rugged peninsula. Explore the beach and stop for a picnic.

Visit the Bay Avenue Gallery that features creations by local artists. Don’t miss the Wiegardt Studio Gallery. Eric Wiegardt is an award winning watercolorist, who travels the world and brings his bold creations back to Ocean Park.

Weather in Ocean Park and Getting There

The peninsula has unpredictable weather. Summer highs are around 70 degrees and winter highs are around 50. Summer weather is temperate and sunny. In winter expect spectacular storms and high surf with plenty of rain.

Ocean Park is on the northern end of the Long Beach Peninsula, about 20 minutes from the town of Long Beach.