Stroll Seaview and enjoy the beach and turn of the century Victorian homes.

Seaview was once a summer getaway for the Portland gentry. Today it offers easy beach access, several great restaurants and unique historic architecture. Located on the Long Beach Peninsula, this historic town is ideal for “strollers”. They invite you to stroll the small town streets and view turn of the century Victorian Homes. It is also home to the historic Shelburne Hotel, the longest continually running hotel in the state of Washington. 

Today, Seaview is just one of several small towns dotting the Long Beach Peninsula and is popular as a relaxing beach destination.

 Weather and Getting There

Seaview is a 3 hour drive from Seattle via I-5 South and US 101. The peninsula experiences temperate, sunny weather in the summer. In winter, the weather is unpredictable, but the storms along the coast offer a beauty all their own.




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