Seattle Urban Excitement

Seattle Gum Wall

The Market Theater Gum Wall is located under Pike Place Market. This wall, covered in chewed gum, has become a local landmark.
Seattle/Pike Place Market

Fremont Troll

Since the Fremont Bridge was constructed there have been stories of troll sightings under the bridge. In 1990 this public art sculpture was created under the start of the span in Fremont. Head to Troll Ave. in Fremont and snap a picture with this unique part of Seattle.
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Sidewalks in Seattle

All around the city
Look down. Throughout the city and its neighborhoods you will find art and history embedded in the sidewalks. You will find an invitation to dance along Broadway on Capitol Hill. Walking along Eastlake, you will find colorful flora and fauna at your feet. Famous Seattleites are commemorated along 5th and Pine including Dale Chihuly, Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Even the Metro is filled with art.