Cheese Makes Everything Better

Fresh, organic and locally made artisan cheeses are created across the state.

Everything’s better with cheese. Goat’s Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Camembert, Gouda…it’s all good. The fertile farmlands of Washington state are the perfect spot for producing rich, flavorful cheeses. Artisan cheese makers are tucked away in small towns all over the state. Below are just a few of our favorites.


You will know when you have found Beecher’s Cheese at Pike Place Market by the crowds outside the window. Watch them take local milk and turn it into fresh cheese curds. (Try one, they are great!) After a 450-day aging process what is left becomes Beecher’s Flagship cheese. They sell a variety of their artisan cheeses here and at stores across the Seattle area.

North of Seattle

The Skagit Valley is known for their rolling green farmland, organic farmers, and local artisans. This is a foodie’s paradise (although the same could be said of Washington state in general!)

Samish Bay Cheese sits in the shadow of Chukanut Mountain, close to Samish Bay. They are certified organic and are farmstead cheesemakers, creating cheese with their own milk, from their own herd, on site. Enjoy hand crafted fresh cheeses as well as aged cheeses.

Tip: Stop in nearby Bow Edison at The Bread Farm for a fresh hot baguette. Then step next door to Slough Food for a bottle of wine. This is the perfect Skagit Valley picnic! (This tiny bend in the road has some of the best food in the valley and is an INNSider favorite!)

The Islands

Whidbey Island is home to Greenbank Cheese, part of beautiful Greenbank Farm. Enjoy artisan sheep, goat and cow milk cheeses. stop by for a tasting and then stock up on picnic supplies before you hike the trails at Ebey’s Landing. They don’t have a website, but they post a wealth of “cheesy” information on Facebook.  (Another INNSider favorite!)

Eastern Washington

For something a little different….Cougar Gold….cheese in a tin can!  This popular cheese is created at Washington State University in Pullman. In the 1940’s the US Government and US Tin Can funded a research project on storing cheese in a 30 oz tin can. This unique cheese comes in a variety of flavors and lasts indefinitely until opened. Although the creamery creates 8 unique flavors, Cougar Gold is the favorite! Order online or look for it in specialty shops across Washington state.

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