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Curating the Perfect Getaway – AI Versus Innkeepers

During a recent meeting of hospitality professionals, a speaker mentioned how younger generations are using Artificial Intelligence (AI), to plan their travel itineraries. However, relying solely on AI recommendations can lead to disappointment, as some suggested accommodations and experiences may be closed or not accessible during certain times of the year, as was the case in that speaker's example. Our recommendation? Avoid disappointment by connecting with your local innkeeper when planning your next trip.

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About Bed & Breakfasts and Inns

Bed & Breakfasts and Inns are smaller properties run by the owners, with a select staff or no staff. This means they are fully vested in your experience. It's more than a job, it is personal. The innkeepers' job is to make sure they showcase their property and area so you leave with expectations exceeded. The Washington INNSiders are also some of the most seasoned hospitality professionals in the industry, selecting the best linens, teas, honey, and other conveniences and delights from small proprietors in their area to bring you that home away from home experience.

Just as every property is owned and run independently, the properties are just as diverse. Whether you are looking for an escape within urban centers around Seattle and greater Puget Sound or exploration to the Olympic Peninsula, Wine and Apple Country, or the Columbia GorgeWashington INNSiders have you covered.  Will every property fit every guest? No, and that is ok. Your innkeeper may also be able to help you find a property that is a better fit.

Having a More Immersive Experience

In a time when so many people feel disconnected, Bed & Breakfasts and Inns are a unique opportunity to connect with people, not just your innkeepers but other guests. Some inns have a communal breakfast table or common areas where guests interact and share travel tips as they may have just come from where you are headed. By being flexible and open to suggestions, you can have a more immersive experience rather than just moving from one city to another.

You might have to be more flexible in your day-to-day plans, but we realize you want to finalize reservations for your accommodations and travel well before you leave home. If planning a longer trip, it's wise to seek the advice of an Innsider before making all your reservations. They may suggest that you spend more time in one location to fully experience everything it has to offer. Can the entire Olympic Peninsula be driven in a day? Sure, it can be but I wouldn’t recommend it. Can you fly into Spokane and drive over to Seattle? Yes, but do you want to see things between the two points other than the freeway? As an innkeeper, I would rather lose out on a booking if it means you have a more positive experience overall. You might decide to return and stay with us at a later date. Or perhaps you will refer your friends and family to visit our area. Maybe our property fits with their plans.

Logistical Support & Recommendations from Your Innkeeper

Innkeepers provide real logistical support in planning local experiences. They can help you navigate public transportation, arrange for guided tours, and make reservations at popular restaurants or attractions. Their local connections and knowledge can streamline the planning process and ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience during your stay. By involving innkeepers in the planning process, you can benefit from their expertise and local insight, ultimately enhancing their overall travel experience.

So whether it's a secluded hiking trail with breathtaking views, a charming local market known for its artisanal goods, or a little-known museum experience, innkeepers can offer valuable recommendations that add a special touch to your itinerary. Consider following our blog for more ideas. Allow one of our Washington INNSiders to help you explore the destination in a more intimate and immersive way, creating lasting memories and a deeper connection to the local culture.

Tag us at @wainnsiders on Instagram! Let Washington INNSiders guide you to the perfect retreat. While we have highlighted a few great inns close to beautiful destinations, the Washington INNSiders boasts an exhaustive list of independent inns all over the state. Filter by desired characteristics to select the ideal B&B, inn, or hotel for your dream outdoor getaway. The experts behind Washington INNSiders inspect and approve all member properties, so you can confidently plan the perfect escape today.

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