Sustainable Breweries You Need To Visit In Washington State

Washington loves beer – it's plain and simple. As the largest producer of hops in the country, Washington is home to huge numbers of brewpubs and cheerful hops-loving communities. Beer has always been a mechanism for community where folks can gather, unwind and socialize over a refreshing bubbly beverage. Recently we’ve seen more sustainable breweries in Washington take the initiative to implement innovative practices that benefit their communities, their customers and the environment. Our INNSiders have compiled a list of breweries paving the way for low-impact beer production.


-Aslan Brewing
Beautiful downtown Bellingham is home to Aslan Brewing – an undeniable favorite in the area. With a mission to “produce and distribute world-class organic beer using local resources, low-impact practices and socially equitable initiatives in order to promote a healthier, happier and more conscious community,” Aslan sets the standard for mindful operations in every facet of business. They are a Certified B Corporation, and aim to inspire other businesses to place an emphasis on benefitting the world and not just themselves. Additionally, all the beer they produce is USDA Certified Organic. Click on the links to learn more about Aslan Brewing’s incredible sustainability initiatives, their organic beer or their Seattle taproom. This sustainable brewery also boasts a food menu filled with vibrant dishes and locally sourced ingredients.

Aslan Brewing is located in Whatcom County, which neighbors beautiful Skagit County. If you’re in the region, you won’t be able to get enough of the waterfront cities that shine with energetic communities, diverse landscapes and tranquil beaches. It takes less than an hour to reach La Conner, where our inns can provide you with ultimate comfort after your adventures.

Port Townsend

-Discovery Bay Brewing
Located on the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula sits the city of Port Townsend, a true Washington State gem, where Discovery Bay Brewing provides the neighborhood and beyond with fresh, smaller brew batches of delicious beer. Discovery Bay Brewing is listed as a signatory of the Brewers’ Climate Declaration in an effort to encourage members of Congress to act on solutions for climate change and creating a healthier planet. They also employ environmentally conscious practices including recycling water used in the brewing process for “watering, landscaping and constructing a bioswale for storm runoff.”

Whether you want a romantic getaway, a coastal adventure or family fun, Port Townsend offers everything you could want for a fall weekend. Explore the rich history of the area, the beautiful outdoors, the local arts scene and much more. After a day full of adventure, rest and recoup at one of our inns.



-Fremont Brewing
Fremont Brewing is located in the beautiful Seattle neighborhood of Fremont – surprise! This bustling sustainable brewery is family-owned with a serious commitment to their environmental, social and economic impact. Their dedication to sustainability and business practices shines through in their many awards, including the Triple Bottom Line Sustainability Award for Small Business from Sustainable Seattle. They impressively employ carbon footprint-reducing practices through energy conservation, zero-waste production processes and “initiatives that grow the market for sustainable ingredients.” Learn more about their sustainability efforts here.

Fremont offers plenty to explore within walking distance. Among the opportunities are exciting restaurants around every corner, the Burke-Gilman trail, boutique shopping experiences, the historic Gas Works park and of course, the Instagram-worthy Fremont Troll. Stay at one of our many incredible inns in the greater Seattle area.


-20 Corners Brewing
A 30-minute drive north of downtown Seattle brings you to Woodinville. This city is known best for its wineries, but its craft breweries also bring a lot to the table. Located in the Warehouse District, 20 Corners Brewing Company is doing their part in the fight for environmental justice by supporting environmental nonprofit organizations and employing sustainable practices such as repurposing water and spent grain from their brewing process. Additionally, their breweries are energy-efficient and utilize renewable energy sources.

Woodinville is a vibrant and charming community in Washington state. It’s the perfect setting for a weekend visit for those who want to explore 100+ tasting rooms featuring global and award-winning wines, Pacific Northwest fare and local boutiques in the Sammamish River Valley. Complement your visit by staying at one of our local B&Bs for a truly memorable experience. Consider adding shortcode for North Bend too since there is only one inn in Woodinville.



-Icicle Brewing Company
Nestled in the Cascade Mountains, Icicle Brewing Company is an independently-owned craft brewery with a rich history. It sits in the lively Bavarian-styled village of Leavenworth and shines brightly with a respectable mission, strong values and a commitment to the environment. Icicle Brewing Company is a member of 1% For The Planet. This means they have pledged to donate 1% of distribution sales to support nonprofit organizations dedicated to fighting for climate justice. Their strides toward being a more sustainable brewery in Washington state set an example in the area. If you are passing through this beautiful city in the fall, you will be met with gorgeous autumn foliage and a myriad of opportunities for outdoor recreation.

If you’re in this region and find yourself wanting to extend your stay, consider one of our nearby inns for luxurious comfort and relaxation.

Sustainable breweries in Washington state are on the rise. These businesses are just a few of many making efforts toward a more economically, socially and environmentally sustainable world through beer. If you find yourself exporting the sustainable breweries any of these areas have to offer, consider staying at one of our local B&Bs.

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