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The Best Hikes from Hurricane Ridge

Located 17 miles south of Port Angeles, Hurricane Ridge is one of the most easily accessed mountain areas within Olympic National Park. The views from Hurricane Ridge are truly unmatched on clear days. Stop by the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center to pick up maps, snacks and tips from knowledgeable park rangers before your hike. Our INNSiders have crafted a list of the most fulfilling treks from Hurricane Ridge, so let’s dig in!


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Sunrise Point

Sunrise Point Trail is a short, 0.2-mile round trip hike that branches off from High Ridge Trail. When you reach a fork in the trail, Sunrise Point is the path on the left, and Klahhane Ridge is on the right. This uphill trek leads you to spectacular views, especially at sunrise! On a clear day, you will see the ocean and mountains in the distance.


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Photo Credit: Maitland Manor

Klahhane Ridge

Located next to the Sunrise Point trailhead, Klahhane Ridge is a popular trail for Olympic National Park visitors. This 5.0-mile round trip journey is best-suited for more experienced hikers, as the trail gets quite narrow in a few places, and there’s a significant elevation gain. Even if you don’t finish the entire hike, the views are incredible along the entire trail. Soak in the colors of lush wildflowers that line the trail in summer, and keep an eye out for local wildlife that live nearby. From Klahhane Ridge, you can continue on to the Mount Angeles trail as well.


Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington, USA

Hurricane Hill

According to our INNSiders, the Hurricane Hill trail is one of the most rewarding hikes in the park. You’ll start the hike from the Hurricane Hill parking lot, so try to arrive early in the morning to guarantee your spot. This trail is 3.2 miles round trip and includes an elevation gain of about 650 feet. When you reach a junction, take the path to the right to the jaw-dropping Hurricane Hill viewpoint. You’ll be admiring and snapping photos of the gorgeous views during the entire hike!


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Obstruction Point

The Obstruction Point trail via Deer Park is a 13.9-mile, out and back hike featuring incredible views and 3,244-foot elevation gain. Our INNSiders recommend arriving early in the morning and starting from the Deer Park trailhead. If you prefer a shorter hike, turn around anytime, such as when you reach Elk Mountain. In addition to the sweeping mountain views, you will probably see deer, wildflowers and patches of snow all year round. The road to Obstruction Point is typically open from mid-July to mid-October each year, but check with the NPS before your visit.


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