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Urban Street Art In Washington State: A Guide To The Best Murals And Graffiti

From busy metropolitan hubs to tranquil rural towns, Washington state is home to some of the most impressive and vibrant street art and graffiti in the United States. Talented local muralists, graffiti writers and renowned artists from around the world have transformed buildings, underpasses, alleyways and more into stunning outdoor art galleries.

So, are you seeking inspiration or a unique adventure? Explore our top picks for must-visit murals and graffiti throughout Washington State!

Bavarian Village Mural

Whether you are a fan of realistic portraits, abstract patterns, political messages or whimsical art scenes, you will find something that catches your eye and sparks your imagination in each of the following cities below:

Best Murals And Graffiti In Leavenworth

  1. Bavarian Village Mural: This mural covers the entire side of a building on Front Street and depicts a scenic view of a traditional Bavarian village with mountains, forests and a river. It was painted by local artist Hans J. Schadler in 1997 and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Leavenworth. It reflects the town’s transformation into a German-themed tourist destination in the 1960s.
  2. The Nutcracker Mural: This mural is located on the side of a building at 735 Front Street and depicts a scene from the famous ballet The Nutcracker. It was painted by local artist Jennifer Carrasco in 2016 and is sponsored by the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum. The mural features colorful and detailed characters, such as the Nutcracker, the Mouse King and the Sugar Plum Fairy. It also has a QR code that you can scan with your smartphone to access a website that provides more information about the mural and the ballet.
  3. Leavenworth Annual Water Fight Mural: Located on the side of the Leavenworth Sausage Garten, this lively mural portrays the excitement of the town's annual Water Fight event each July. Dozens of residents with super soakers and buckets of water battle it out in a playful competition. The mural brings a smile with its whimsical style and fun-loving characters.

Best Murals And Graffiti In Walla Walla

urban street art in washington state

  1. Downtown Walla Walla Cityscape Mural: This impressive photorealistic mural spans the entire side of a downtown building, vividly depicting Walla Walla’s skyline and architectural details. Iconic landmarks like the Marcus Whitman Hotel and the Baker Boyer Bank building take center stage, honoring the town’s history and unique landscape.windows on the past mural in walla walla
  2. Windows on the Past Mural: This mural located in Heritage Park is a photographic collage of historic and contemporary images from various ethnic and cultural groups who lived in the Walla Walla Valley from 1850 to 1950. It is located on the side of the sandstone facade of the 1902 Odd Fellows Temple on Main Street. It was created by local artists Bob Stokes, Mike Anderson and Gray Lucier in 1993 and is sponsored by ArtWalla, a nonprofit organization that promotes public art in the community.

Best Murals And Graffiti In The Olympic Peninsula

  1. The Mural Project of Port Angeles: This is a collection of over 120 murals that depict the history, culture, and natural beauty of Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula. The project started in 1989 and is still ongoing, with new murals being added every year. The murals are painted by local and regional artists on the walls of buildings, fences and bridges throughout the city.Take yourself on an above-ground tour of the city’s art murals and sculptures — there’s even an official Port Angeles Art Mural Trail. With more than 12 outdoor murals dotting downtown, this trail is a great way to explore scenes of local Indigenous culture, nature, community industry, history, and more.2. The Forks Mural: This mural is located on the side of a building at 81 N. Forks Ave in Forks, a small town that is famous for being the setting of the Twilight saga. The mural was painted by local artist Roger Ralston in 2016 and features scenes and characters from the books and movies such as Bella, Edward, Jacob and the Cullens. The mural also has some hidden messages and symbols that relate to the story, such as a chess piece, a wolf and a heart. The mural is a popular attraction for Twilight fans who visit Forks.

    3. The Sequim Lavender Mural: This mural is located on the side of a building at 120 W. Washington St in Sequim, a town that is known for its lavender farms and festivals. The mural was painted by local artist Craig Robinson in 2017 and shows a field of purple lavender flowers with a mountain range in the background. The mural is part of the Sequim Mural Project, which aims to beautify the town with public art that reflects its identity and heritage. The mural is a tribute to the lavender industry that has been thriving in Sequim since the 1990s.

Best Murals And Graffiti In Seattle

  1. The Black Lives Matter Mural in Seattle: This impactful mural stands as a tribute to those affected by police violence and racial injustice. Created by 16 local artists on Pine Street in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle, it features unique designs and messages within each letter, symbolizing the movement's diversity and unity. Painted in June 2020 amidst widespread protests sparked by George Floyd's death, this mural has evolved into a symbol of resilience and solidarity. Today, it serves as a memorial and an educational site.

    black lives matter mural seattle

  2. The Orcas Island Mural: This stunning artwork was painted by local artist Jake Wagoner in 2017 and transformed the exterior of the Orcas Island Library into a vibrant and imaginative canvas. It showcases an array of scenes and characters from beloved books across various genres. With nods to classics like Harry Potter, The Hobbit and Alice in Wonderland, the mural stands as a tribute to the magic of literature and the boundless realms of creativity. However, the mural is more than an artistic endeavor. It embodies the community's spirit and collaborative effort. Numerous island residents contributed by donating books, materials and their time to make this project a true reflection of the island's collective passion and engagement.
  3. The Whaling Walls have become Wyland's signature public art pieces, massive outdoor murals celebrating the majesty of marine life. There are over 100 Whaling Walls found throughout the United States and across the world. Wyland's largest Whaling Walls can be over 10,000 square feet, requiring specialized lifts and platforms for the artist to paint the building-sized murals. Dynamic images of whales, dolphins and sharks emerge, along with sea turtles, coral reefs and other marine scenes. The largest Whaling Wall in Washington State is located in downtown Seattle spanning four sides of a 14-story office building. Each mural tells the story of that area's local marine species and habitats. The Whaling Walls have revitalized neighborhoods, serving as symbols of community pride and bringing attention to marine conservation.

whaling walls in seattle

Other Art Places You Can Visit In Washington State

While the largest metropolises like Seattle, Spokane and Tacoma unsurprisingly boast the bulk of Washington's street art, several smaller towns also have impressive collections.

the gum wall in seattleThe Gum Wall: This sticky and colorful landmark is located in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Since the 1990s, visitors have been adding used gum to the red brick alley wall turning it into a mosaic of chewed gum blobs, wrappers and odd objects. What started as an impromptu art project has transformed into a Seattle must-see attraction. 

Though considered one of the germiest tourist sites in the world, the Gum Wall delights visitors with its quirky, evolving collage of colorful gum wads. Part of the experience is adding your own gum creation to the layers that coat the wall. 

You can also check out the dozens of murals creating an outdoor gallery along the streets of Winthrop in the Methow Valley. And in Anacortes up north, the Ace Corner has a display of unauthorized art on its walls. In the downtown area of Anacortes, visitors will find a series of urban art-themed utility boxes.

Even tiny Lynden near the Canadian border has noteworthy murals like the evocative Veterans Memorial piece by artist Mike Diller, showcasing how street art can make an impact anywhere.

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